Warranty Policy

  • Fresh Electric for home appliances undertakes under this warranty to replace or repair any component of the device parts that is defective in manufacture in case of the device's natural use.
  • The customer is obligated to bear any additional costs during the installation (Additional outlets - Batteries - Connection cable - Extensions - or any other request by the customer not available in the product content.)
  • This warranty applies if a valid tax bill or device installation document, approved by the company, is available, within a maximum of one year from the date of production.
  • Spare parts are provided free of charge during the warranty period according to the terms. The company also provides spare parts at its expense after the end of the warranty and for a period of one year for durable appliances only, according to the latest consumer protection law issue.

  • The warranty does not cover the cost of transferring products to technical service for products weighing less than 25 kilograms.
  • The company has the right to reserve the components that were replaced by the customer within the warranty and the customer has the right to reserve it in the case of paying its price without manufacturing recovery.
  • The customer has the right to replace the product with another new one (same model) if the same defect affecting the performance quality is repeated more than three times consecutively during the first year, this should be through a technical report from the company indicating this and invalidates any misuse of the customer.

The assurance  does not apply in these cases:

  1. Products used for commercial purposes with overuse beyond home use. Installation or modification or repair of the device by any party not authorized by Fresh Company. 
  2. Misuse or operation of the device without water in the products that use water in its operation. Failure to provide the original warranty certificate or a serialized tax bill containing all the required data according to the sales law when requested by the authorized service center.

  3. Removal or tempering of the data plate or serial number or the presence of alteration or scratching or sanding in the data of the warranty certificate or the tax bill or data plate of the device. 
  4. Transporting the product or storing it incorrectly is considered a receipt of the device by the customer, equivalent to an admission of receipt of the product intact. 
  5. Damages resulting from accidents or misuse or excess load or irregular electricity or operating it under unsuitable environmental conditions according to the specification or owner's manual. 
  6. Replacement of brushes or moving shelves or grid or accessories or separable parts or any separable parts. Breaking or changing the glass or the presence of rust or using chemical substances in cleaning. 
  7. Failure to change the magnesium column annually by an authorized party from the company (for electric heaters) and there is rust that proves it. Increase in salty water scale fed to the device in a scale test more than 1000 part per million before the water enters the device.

  8. Using the device to cut hard items (food processor). 
  9. This warranty does not apply in case the device is installed in a space larger than the device's capacity according to the Egyptian Standard Specification (Air conditioning).
  10. This warranty does not apply in the case of a device problem due to previous installations like copper pipes and painted strainers being previously installed by the customer, not the company. (Air Conditioning) This warranty does not apply to damages resulting from various weather conditions like lightning, rain, or temperature increase. 
  11. This warranty does not apply in case of natural noise coming from the device (Gas- Moving -Parts) (Air Conditioning).
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